Sunday, November 2, 2008

Company Awarded for Use of Social Media

As the use of social media in the workplace to increase and is moving towards becoming a necessity, one organization has taken it upon itself to reward companies for taking a chance on social media.

"The Forrester Groundswell Awards recognize excellence from companies that accomplish business objectives using social applications and technologies" according to an article on Recently, they awarded the business and financial management company, Intuit, for using social media to engage customers.

The award was given on the grounds of Company Transformation and is given to those companies that have really changed and adapted alongside of the market, which has become largely online and interactive in recent years.

Intuit received the award for their Quickbooks online community where small business owners can discuss and share information. They were also recognized for their Just Start Campaign, which offers online video submissions and voting in order to encourage budding entrepreneurs, and for TurboTax live community where users can access answers to troubling tax questions.

I think that the Forrester Awards are a very positive and encouraging way to initiate other company's use of social media. It is a way to showcase those who have utilized it and a way to show other companies how it can be beneficial to them. Hopefully more companies will begin moving towards this "Company Transformation."

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