Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Adolescent Bloggers

After discussing the blogosphere in class, and having now had personal experience with blogging, I have come to realize how it can be beneficial to me and to companies as a way to build relationships and make connections; however, adolescent blogging is kind of iffy territory. This issue has both positive and negative aspects because on the one hand if a child blogs from adolescents they will be better equipped to compete as they get older and these skills are necessary for school and jobs. On the other hand, it is dangerous territory, and often kids are not aware of the dangers of putting personal information online and how this contributes to their digital footprint. In order to address this issue, me and a few other classmates discussed the pros and cons on a podcast.

  • {Music Intro}
  • Introduction to Podcast “Topic: Adolescent Blogging” .5seconds
  • {Music}
  • Sherry: Article by Bob Sullivan from 1min 3seconds
  • {Music}
  • Cori: Concerns & Benefits 3min 3seconds
  • Bradley: Controversy with Justice Samuel 4min 25seconds
  • Marie Osmond/Adolf Hitler 5min 26seconds
  • {Music}
  • Analee: Raising Entrepreneurs, “Carl”/“Yuga”
  • {Music}
  • Closing Discussion 7min 40seconds
  • Resource Mention: 9min 46seconds
  • Closing 10min 2seconds
  • {Closing Music}

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