Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Google Phone

As if they aren't already a success, Google will soon release its new Android software phone, which is expected to be in close competition with Mac's iphone. It will have complete camera and video capabilities, and the new Android software is expected to offer an improved internet experience on a phone.

While I am not sure how receptive people will be to a Google phone, I think that the idea behind it is to get a tangible Google product out there that users can associate with the ever popular search engine. This association has the potential to help the search engine build relationships with users and create loyalty to Google. This could also be the start of Google developing other products such as mp3 players. I think that the phone has the potential to increase Google's already well- established brand awareness and recognition by consumers.

The key is to get people to use the search engine at ALL times rather than almost all the time, and what better way to instigate this then by developing a Google phone that makes it easy to use Google's many programs on a hand-held device. I personally never use the internet on my phone because it is too difficult, but I think this new Anroid software is targeted to people like me. It will be interesting to see how people respond to it after the iphone has already generated so much success; however, there are rumors that it will cost about half as much as the iphone, so this should generate some interest if nothing else.

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